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34 Peer-reviewed Articles

7 Preprints

A roadmap for gene functional characterisation in wheat
3,924 views · 3,358 downloads
Comparative biomechanical analysis demonstrates functional convergence between slender-snouted crocodilians and phytosaurs
1,068 views · 931 downloads
Evolution of body size in Crocodylomorpha in a multi-regime evolutionary landscape
989 views · 322 downloads
Cranial ontogenetic variation in early saurischians and the role of heterochrony in the diversification of predatory dinosaurs
960 views · 553 downloads
Highlights from the 1st Student Symposium on Computational Biology and Life Sciences, organised by ISCB Regional Student Group, UK
635 views · 1,051 downloads
Early archosauromorph remains from the Permo-Triassic Buena Vista formation of NorthEastern Uruguay
729 views · 382 downloads

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