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The Duke University Libraries are committed to encouraging the broadest possible dissemination of scholarship, and are actively engaged in exploring diverse models to support improved access. To further that goal, the Libraries have established an institutional membership with PeerJ, which will pay the cost of a Basic Membership for each Duke author on a paper that is accepted for publication in PeerJ. This membership remains in force for the life of the member, even if they leave Duke.

When your article is accepted for publication in PeerJ, Duke affiliated authors should return to this page to submit your claim for a Basic Membership and complete the email verification.

For more information on this program and other efforts by the Duke University Libraries to support the broadest practical dissemination of Duke scholarship, visit http://library.duke.edu/openaccess/ or contact Haley Walton at Haley.walton@duke.edu (Outreach Coordinator for Open Access).

*If you are taking the membership route, all authors of an accepted article must have a paid membership. https://peerj.com/pricing/#apc-membership-pricing

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