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The University of Cambridge has deposited funding for PeerJ Memberships for Cambridge faculty.

When your article is accepted for publication in PeerJ, Cambridge affiliated authors should return to this page to submit your claim for a Basic Membership and complete the email verification.

Cambridge has taken up this arrangement because they wish to encourage the exploration of new publishing models. They see PeerJ as an innovative and promising approach that re-imagines publishing for an open access world.

*If you are taking the membership route, all authors of an accepted article must have a paid membership.

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64 Peer-reviewed Articles

42 Preprints

Vocal emotion recognition in school-age children: normative data for the EmoHI test
938 views · 527 downloads
12 Grand Challenges in Single-Cell Data Science
7,814 views · 6,167 downloads
STROBE-MR: Guidelines for strengthening the reporting of Mendelian randomization studies
6,590 views · 4,884 downloads
Quantifying the impact of protected areas on near-global waterbird population trends, a pre-analysis plan
1,152 views · 878 downloads
Effectiveness of small road tunnels and fences in reducing amphibian roadkill and barrier effects; case studies of retrofitted roads in Sweden
1,170 views · 1,240 downloads
Estimating nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in streams and rivers across the contiguous United States: a machine learning framework
1,087 views · 939 downloads

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