Indradatta deCastro-Arrazola


I am interested in functional ecology at the community level.

Thus, I work on biogeography, community assembly rules and, presently, in Scabarabaeidae beetle diversity patterns. I find a lack of rigorous work in functional ecology with animals, specially with insects, not to mention scarabs.

This is why I am trying to summarize the existing knowledge for scarabs and suggest a solid framework for future studies, not only in scarabs but any other animal taxa. This framework comprises (1) theoretical concepts and definitions, (2) statistical workflows and tools and (3) functionally meaningful measurements (traits and functions).

Biodiversity Biogeography Computational Science Ecology Ecosystem Science Entomology

Work details

PhD candidate

National Museum of Natural Sciences, MNCN-CSIC, Spain
January 2013
Dept. of Biogeography and Global Change


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