Imran Khan


I received my MSc. Degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University, India in 2007 on understanding the role of TBP associated factor 9 (TAF9) in eukaryotic transcription. I completed my Ph.D. training in the laboratory of Prof. Paturu Kondaiah, in 2012, at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, on exploring the mechanism of precancerous oral lesion (OSF and Oral cancer) using gene expression profiling. I also worked on exploring the molecular mechanism of photo dynamic therapy agents in cancer cells. I did my first post doctorate in Dr. Praveen Arany’s lab at NIDCR, NIH on exploring the role of laser mediated phototoxicity involving ER stress and laser mediated wound healing. I am currently doing my second postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Patricia Steeg at NCI in NIH, on exploring the molecular mechanism of metastasis suppressor gene, NM23 in breast cancer metastasis and its possible therapeutic applications.

Biochemistry Biotechnology Cell Biology Dentistry Dermatology Genomics Molecular Biology Oncology Translational Medicine

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Post Doc Fellow (Visiting Fellow)

National Institute of health (NIH)
July 2013

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