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Dezene P. W. Huber


Current work in our lab includes mountain pine beetle functional genomics, tree defenses against herbivores and pathogens, insect chemical ecology, and insect biodiversity research.

We conduct our research across multiple scales and we use available tools – established and cutting-edge – to search for answers to complex entomological and ecological questions.

Animal Behavior Climate Change Biology Ecology Entomology Genomics Natural Resource Management Plant Science

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University of Northern British Columbia
July 2005
Ecosystem Science and Management Program
The work in our lab involves insects, plants, and the interactions between them. We use methods ranging from field ecology to genomics to tackle interesting questions. Current projects include work on the evolution of lodgepole and jack pine chemical defenses against insects and pathogens, olfaction and foraging behavior in bark beetles, cold tolerance of bark beetles, detoxification of host resin compounds by bark beetles, development of feeding deterrents for stored product pests, pheromone evolution in bark beetles, aquatic insect biodiversity, and other entomological and chemical ecological research.

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