Bob Rudis

Bob Rudis


I build and lead awesome security teams and am passionate about transforming opinion-based security practices into ones based on science. I understand and speak the language of business leaders and drive security solutions to meet their goals and risk appetites. I have had the privilege to successfully apply my skills in virtually every major industry sector and have been able to directly influence thousands of business & security professionals as both lead author of the 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report and co-author of Data-Driven Security (Wiley, 2014).

Algorithms & Analysis of Algorithms Computer Education Data Science Emerging Technologies Operating Systems Programming Languages Security & Privacy World Wide Web & Web Science

Work details

Chief Data Science

November 2015
Perform internet-scale data collection and analysis to aid in identifying and malicious behaviour and quantify exposure.

Adjunct Professor

Great Bay Community College
September 2015
Develop and deliver Introductory and Advanced Data Science courses using the R programming language.

PeerJ Contributions