12 November
The doctor’s digital double: how warmth, competence, and animation promote adherence intention
Human-Computer Interaction Agents and Multi-Agent Systems Graphics Multimedia Social Computing
Zhengyan Dai, Karl F. MacDorman
Convolutional ensembles for Arabic Handwritten Character and Digit Recognition
Algorithms and Analysis of Algorithms Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision Data Mining and Machine Learning
293 views · 72 downloads
Iam Palatnik de Sousa
Tools4MSP: an open source software package to support Maritime Spatial Planning
Data Science Scientific Computing and Simulation Spatial and Geographic Information Systems
384 views · 104 downloads
Stefano Menegon, Alessandro Sarretta, Daniel Depellegrin, Giulio Farella, Chiara Venier, Andrea Barbanti
Adaptive automation: automatically (dis)engaging automation during visually distracted driving
Human-Computer Interaction Multimedia
254 views · 45 downloads
Christopher D.D. Cabrall, Nico M. Janssen, Joost C.F. de Winter