How are topics born? Understanding the research dynamics preceding the emergence of new areas
Artificial Intelligence Data Science Digital Libraries
246 views · 39 downloads
Angelo A. Salatino, Francesco Osborne, Enrico Motta
AliTV—interactive visualization of whole genome comparisons
Bioinformatics Computational Biology
327 views · 47 downloads
Markus J. Ankenbrand, Sonja Hohlfeld, Thomas Hackl, Frank Förster
VESPA: Very large-scale Evolutionary and Selective Pressure Analyses
Bioinformatics Computational Biology
465 views · 73 downloads
Andrew E. Webb, Thomas A. Walsh, Mary J. O’Connell
Modeling and management of usage-aware distributed datasets for global Smart City Application Ecosystems
Distributed and Parallel Computing Software Engineering
396 views · 51 downloads
Johannes M. Schleicher, Michael Vögler, Christian Inzinger, Schahram Dustdar
A probabilistic model to recover individual genomes from metagenomes
Bioinformatics Computational Biology Data Science
249 views · 57 downloads
Johannes Dröge, Alexander Schönhuth, Alice C. McHardy
A survey of secure middleware for the Internet of Things
Computer Networks and Communications Embedded Computing Real-Time and Embedded Systems Security and Privacy World Wide Web and Web Science
813 views · 248 downloads
Paul Fremantle, Philip Scott
Formatting Open Science: agilely creating multiple document formats for academic manuscripts with Pandoc Scholar
Human–Computer Interaction Computer Education Computer Networks and Communications Digital Libraries World Wide Web and Web Science
1,741 views · 264 downloads
Albert Krewinkel, Robert Winkler
Gender differences and bias in open source: pull request acceptance of women versus men
Human-Computer Interaction Social Computing Programming Languages Software Engineering
17,524 views · 297 downloads
Josh Terrell, Andrew Kofink, Justin Middleton, Clarissa Rainear, Emerson Murphy-Hill, Chris Parnin, Jon Stallings