Nowcasting commodity prices using social media
Data Science Network Science and Online Social Networks Social Computing
479 views · 51 downloads
Jaewoo Kim, Meeyoung Cha, Jong Gun Lee
Accelerating the XGBoost algorithm using GPU computing
Artificial Intelligence Data Mining and Machine Learning Data Science
366 views · 48 downloads
Rory Mitchell, Eibe Frank
A method for creating interactive, user-resembling avatars
Human-Computer Interaction Emerging Technologies
359 views · 45 downloads
Igor Macedo Silva, Renan C. Moioli
Prediction of protein function using a deep convolutional neural network ensemble
Bioinformatics Computational Biology Data Mining and Machine Learning
421 views · 86 downloads
Evangelia I. Zacharaki
CodonGenie: optimised ambiguous codon design tools
Bioengineering Bioinformatics Biotechnology Computational Biology Synthetic Biology
456 views · 35 downloads
Neil Swainston, Andrew Currin, Lucy Green, Rainer Breitling, Philip J. Day, Douglas B. Kell
Power1D: a Python toolbox for numerical power estimates in experiments involving one-dimensional continua
Scientific Computing and Simulation Programming Languages
341 views · 30 downloads
Todd C. Pataky
ScholarLens: extracting competences from research publications for the automatic generation of semantic user profiles
Human-Computer Interaction Artificial Intelligence Data Mining and Machine Learning Digital Libraries
582 views · 53 downloads
Bahar Sateli, Felicitas Löffler, Birgitta König-Ries, René Witte
Visualising higher-dimensional space-time and space-scale objects as projections to ℝ3
Graphics Scientific Computing and Simulation Spatial and Geographic Information Systems
304 views · 45 downloads
Ken Arroyo Ohori, Hugo Ledoux, Jantien Stoter