17 September
Towards computational reproducibility: researcher perspectives on the use and sharing of software
Digital Libraries
375 views · 33 downloads
Yasmin AlNoamany, John A. Borghi
17 September
20 GB in 10 minutes: a case for linking major biodiversity databases using an open socio-technical infrastructure and a pragmatic, cross-institutional collaboration
Bioinformatics Databases
714 views · 59 downloads
Anne E. Thessen, Jorrit H. Poelen, Matthew Collins, Jen Hammock
An integrated platform for intuitive mathematical programming modeling using LaTeX
Optimization Theory and Computation Scientific Computing and Simulation Programming Languages Software Engineering
410 views · 65 downloads
Charalampos P. Triantafyllidis, Lazaros G. Papageorgiou
Performance, workload, and usability in a multiscreen, multi-device, information-rich environment
Human-Computer Interaction Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
200 views · 25 downloads
Jason J. Saleem, Dustin T. Weiler