22 May
Modeling and management of usage-aware distributed datasets for global Smart City Application Ecosystems
Distributed and Parallel Computing Software Engineering
1 views · 1 downloads
Johannes M. Schleicher, Michael Vögler, Christian Inzinger, Schahram Dustdar
22 May
A probabilistic model to recover individual genomes from metagenomes
Bioinformatics Computational Biology Data Science
Johannes Dröge, Alexander Schönhuth, Alice C. McHardy
A survey of secure middleware for the Internet of Things
Computer Networks and Communications Embedded Computing Real-Time and Embedded Systems Security and Privacy World Wide Web and Web Science
427 views · 75 downloads
Paul Fremantle, Philip Scott
Formatting Open Science: agilely creating multiple document formats for academic manuscripts with Pandoc Scholar
Human–Computer Interaction Computer Education Computer Networks and Communications Digital Libraries World Wide Web and Web Science
1,258 views · 162 downloads
Albert Krewinkel, Robert Winkler
Gender differences and bias in open source: pull request acceptance of women versus men
Human-Computer Interaction Social Computing Programming Languages Software Engineering
16,019 views · 229 downloads
Josh Terrell, Andrew Kofink, Justin Middleton, Clarissa Rainear, Emerson Murphy-Hill, Chris Parnin, Jon Stallings
Interoperability and FAIRness through a novel combination of Web technologies
Bioinformatics Data Science Databases Emerging Technologies World Wide Web and Web Science
630 views · 83 downloads
Mark D. Wilkinson, Ruben Verborgh, Luiz Olavo Bonino da Silva Santos, Tim Clark, Morris A. Swertz, Fleur D.L. Kelpin, Alasdair J.G. Gray, Erik A. Schultes, Erik M. van Mulligen, Paolo Ciccarese, Arnold Kuzniar, Anand Gavai, Mark Thompson, Rajaram Kaliyaperumal, Jerven T. Bolleman, Michel Dumontier
Species-specific audio detection: a comparison of three template-based detection algorithms using random forests
Bioinformatics Computational Biology Data Mining and Machine Learning
564 views · 45 downloads
Carlos J. Corrada Bravo, Rafael Álvarez Berríos, T. Mitchell Aide
Isolated guitar transcription using a deep belief network
Data Mining and Machine Learning Data Science
525 views · 61 downloads
Gregory Burlet, Abram Hindle