23 March
Neogene amphibians and reptiles (Caudata, Anura, Gekkota, Lacertilia, and Testudines) from the south of Western Siberia, Russia, and Northeastern Kazakhstan
Biodiversity Biogeography Paleontology Taxonomy Zoology
166 views · 39 downloads
Davit Vasilyan, Vladimir S. Zazhigin, Madelaine Böhme
23 March
Systematic drug repositioning through mining adverse event data in ClinicalTrials.gov
Bioinformatics Clinical Trials Drugs and Devices Oncology Statistics
78 views · 24 downloads
Eric Wen Su, Todd M. Sanger
23 March
Climate change promotes hybridisation between deeply divergent species
Ecology Evolutionary Studies Zoology
57 views · 21 downloads
Daniele Canestrelli, Roberta Bisconti, Andrea Chiocchio, Luigi Maiorano, Mauro Zampiglia, Giuseppe Nascetti
23 March
Are floating algal mats a refuge from hypoxia for estuarine invertebrates?
Animal Behaviour Ecology Environmental Sciences Marine Biology
48 views · 8 downloads
Michael R.S. Coffin, Kyle M. Knysh, Emma F. Theriault, Christina C. Pater, Simon C. Courtenay, Michael R. van den Heuvel
23 March
Seed germination in a southern Australian temperate seagrass
Marine Biology Plant Science
209 views · 15 downloads
Erin Cumming, Jessie C. Jarvis, Craig D.H. Sherman, Paul H. York, Timothy M. Smith
23 March
Genetic insights into family group co-occurrence in Cryptocercus punctulatus, a sub-social woodroach from the southern Appalachian Mountains
Entomology Genetics Zoology
53 views · 8 downloads
Ryan C. Garrick