8 December
Validation of internal reference genes for relative quantitation studies of gene expression in human laryngeal cancer
Oncology Respiratory Medicine
104 views · 20 downloads
Xiaofeng Wang, Jinting He, Wei Wang, Ming Ren, Sujie Gao, Guanjie Zhao, Jincheng Wang, Qiwei Yang
8 December
Perception of color emotions for single colors in red-green defective observers
Neuroscience Psychiatry and Psychology Statistics
167 views · 32 downloads
Keiko Sato, Takaaki Inoue
8 December
Towards quantitative viromics for both double-stranded and single-stranded DNA viruses
Ecology Genomics Microbiology Virology
446 views · 48 downloads
Simon Roux, Natalie E. Solonenko, Vinh T. Dang, Bonnie T. Poulos, Sarah M. Schwenck, Dawn B. Goldsmith, Maureen L. Coleman, Mya Breitbart, Matthew B. Sullivan
8 December
Identification of canine papillomavirus by PCR in Greyhound dogs
Molecular Biology Veterinary Medicine Virology
154 views · 38 downloads
Eman A. Anis, Linda A. Frank, Raquel Francisco, Stephen A. Kania
8 December
Shallow water sea slugs (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) from the northwestern coast of the Sea of Japan, north of Peter the Great Bay, Russia
Biodiversity Marine Biology Taxonomy Zoology
391 views · 48 downloads
Anton Chichvarkhin
8 December
Bamboo tea: reduction of taxonomic complexity and application of DNA diagnostics based on rbcL and matK sequence data
Agricultural Science Food Science and Technology Molecular Biology Taxonomy Histology
109 views · 34 downloads
Thomas Horn, Annette Häser