25 July
Targeted NGS for species level phylogenomics: “made to measure” or “one size fits all”?
Bioinformatics Evolutionary Studies Plant Science
Malvina Kadlec, Dirk U. Bellstedt, Nicholas C. Le Maitre, Michael D. Pirie
25 July
Newly incident cannabis use in the United States, 2002–2011: a regional and state level benchmark
Epidemiology Psychiatry and Psychology Public Health Statistics
2 views · 1 downloads
Jacob P. Leinweber, Hui G. Cheng, Catalina Lopez-Quintero, James C. Anthony
25 July
Mortality, recovery, and community shifts of scleractinian corals in Puerto Rico one decade after the 2005 regional bleaching event
Ecology Marine Biology
Jorge R. García-Sais, Stacey M. Williams, Ali Amirrezvani
25 July
Primary productivity as a control over soil microbial diversity along environmental gradients in a polar desert ecosystem
Ecology Soil Science
1 views · 1 downloads
Kevin M. Geyer, Cristina D. Takacs-Vesbach, Michael N. Gooseff, John E. Barrett
25 July
The power features of Masseter muscle activity in tension-type and migraine without aura headache during open-close clench cycles
Bioengineering Computational Biology Evidence Based Medicine Radiology and Medical Imaging Translational Medicine
Behrouz Alizadeh Savareh, Ali Ghanjal, Azadeh Bashiri, Monireh Motaqhey, Boshra Hatef
25 July
The influence of mortality and socioeconomic status on risk and delayed rewards: a replication with British participants
Psychiatry and Psychology
Gillian V. Pepper, D Helen Corby, Rachel Bamber, Holly Smith, Nicky Wong, Daniel Nettle