10 December
A direct approach to estimating false discovery rates conditional on covariates
Bioinformatics Statistics Data Science
Simina M. Boca, Jeffrey T. Leek
10 December
Behavior problems and personality in Korean high school students
Pediatrics Psychiatry and Psychology Public Health
Soo Jin Lee, Soo Hyun Park, C Robert Cloninger, Han Chae
10 December
Characterization and comparative genomic analysis of virulent and temperate Bacillus megaterium bacteriophages
Agricultural Science Bioinformatics Genomics Virology
Abdoallah Sharaf, Miroslav ObornĂ­k, Adel Hammad, Sohair El-Afifi, Eman Marei
10 December
Technology-assisted white cane: evaluation and future directions
Drugs and Devices Ophthalmology Human–Computer Interaction Data Mining and Machine Learning
Izaz Khan, Shah Khusro, Irfan Ullah
10 December
Freshwater carbon and nutrient cycles revealed through reconstructed population genomes
Ecosystem Science Genomics Microbiology Freshwater Biology Biogeochemistry
Alexandra M. Linz, Shaomei He, Sarah L.R. Stevens, Karthik Anantharaman, Robin R. Rohwer, Rex R. Malmstrom, Stefan Bertilsson, Katherine D. McMahon
10 December
Effects of gelsemine on oxidative stress and DNA damage responses of Tetrahymena thermophila
Microbiology Toxicology Zoology
Qiao Ye, Yongyong Feng, Zhenlu Wang, Wenzhao Jiang, Yuexin Qu, Chaonan Zhang, Aiguo Zhou, Shaolin Xie, Jixing Zou