4 March, 2014
Poppr: an R package for genetic analysis of populations with clonal, partially clonal, and/or sexual reproduction
Bioinformatics Genetics Microbiology Mycology Computational Science
140 citations · 13,103 views · 1,905 downloads
Zhian N. Kamvar, Javier F. Tabima, Niklaus J. Gr├╝nwald
21 May, 2015
Back from the dead; the curious tale of the predatory cyanobacterium Vampirovibrio chlorellavorus
Genomics Microbiology
16 citations · 3,218 views · 696 downloads
Rochelle M. Soo, Ben J. Woodcroft, Donovan H. Parks, Gene W. Tyson, Philip Hugenholtz
9 January, 2014
PhyloSift: phylogenetic analysis of genomes and metagenomes
Bioinformatics Computational Biology Evolutionary Studies Genomics Microbiology
125 citations · 20,758 views · 3,857 downloads
Aaron E. Darling, Guillaume Jospin, Eric Lowe, Frederick A. Matsen IV, Holly M. Bik, Jonathan A. Eisen
18 June, 2015
Compact graphical representation of phylogenetic data and metadata with GraPhlAn
Bioinformatics Computational Biology Genomics Microbiology
38 citations · 11,421 views · 1,683 downloads
Francesco Asnicar, George Weingart, Timothy L. Tickle, Curtis Huttenhower, Nicola Segata
21 August, 2014
Subsampled open-reference clustering creates consistent, comprehensive OTU definitions and scales to billions of sequences
Bioinformatics Ecology Microbiology
71 citations · 12,311 views · 2,570 downloads
Jai Ram Rideout, Yan He, Jose A. Navas-Molina, William A. Walters, Luke K. Ursell, Sean M. Gibbons, John Chase, Daniel McDonald, Antonio Gonzalez, Adam Robbins-Pianka, Jose C. Clemente, Jack A. Gilbert, Susan M. Huse, Hong-Wei Zhou, Rob Knight, J. Gregory Caporaso
23 February, 2016
Spider phylogenomics: untangling the Spider Tree of Life
Evolutionary Studies Taxonomy Zoology
20 citations · 12,056 views · 1,980 downloads
Nicole L. Garrison, Juanita Rodriguez, Ingi Agnarsson, Jonathan A. Coddington, Charles E. Griswold, Christopher A. Hamilton, Marshal Hedin, Kevin M. Kocot, Joel M. Ledford, Jason E. Bond