The coefficient of determination R-squared is more informative than SMAPE, MAE, MAPE, MSE and RMSE in regression analysis evaluation
Data Mining and Machine Learning Data Science Artificial Intelligence
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Joint embedding VQA model based on dynamic word vector
Human-Computer Interaction Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision
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Research on image classification method based on improved multi-scale relational network
Computer Vision Data Mining and Machine Learning Natural Language and Speech
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Classification of botnet attacks in IoT smart factory using honeypot combined with machine learning
Computer Networks and Communications Data Mining and Machine Learning Real-Time and Embedded Systems Scientific Computing and Simulation Security and Privacy
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Deep learning based respiratory sound analysis for detection of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Artificial Intelligence Data Mining and Machine Learning Natural Language and Speech
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BCD-WERT: a novel approach for breast cancer detection using whale optimization based efficient features and extremely randomized tree algorithm
Bioinformatics Human-Computer Interaction Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
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The evaluation of factors affecting antibody response after administration of the BNT162b2 vaccine: a prospective study in Japan
Global Health Immunology Infectious Diseases COVID-19
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