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Aside from my role as Director of Informatics at Duke University's Center for Genomic and Computational Biology (GCB), I am a PI for the NSF-funded project on creating a model and standard for phyloreferencing (http://phyloref.org), and I am a co-PI of the (also NSF-funded) Phenoscape project (http://phenoscape.org) on ontological annotation of evolutionary phenotype observations. I am a co-founder and current Board of Directors member of Data Carpentry (http://datacarpentry.org), and I was part of the founding team for Dryad (http://datadryad.org), a digital repository for data supporting scientific publications. I have also served in the leadership of the Open Bioinformatics Foundation (OBF) since its inception in 2001.

Before joining Duke's GCB, I was at the US National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent), where I initiated many of NESCent's cyberinfrastructure initiatives aimed at grass-roots building of community capacity, including the NESCent's hackathon program and Google Summer of Code™ (GSoC) participation.

Biodiversity Bioinformatics Computational Biology Evolutionary Studies Genomics

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Director of Informatics

Duke University
June 2014
Center for Genomic and Computational Biology

Group Leader, Bioinformatics

Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation
September 2001 - April 2006

Assistant Director for Informatics

National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent)
May 2006 - June 2015


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