Humberto Fioravante Ferro

Humberto Fioravante Ferro


I have dealt with different kinds of information systems since I was attending college, from small programs to big out-of-shelf enterprise solutions. In all these projects, I have performed different tasks related to software engineering, requirements analysis, programming, database design and assessment (usability, performance, security, architecture, etc).
When I took my masters degree in 2007 (also in Computer Science), I started to switch my professional orientation a bit to comprehend activities like electric power prediction and recommendation systems (i.e., activities more related to scientific computing).
In 2012, I joined the Signal Processing Laboratory's team of the Escola Politecnica da Universidade de São Paulo (Poli/USP) to start my PhD on adaptive filtering (a particular technique on machine learning) under the supervision of prof. Cassio G. Lopes, one of the pioneers that developed the concept of Adaptive Networks and researched their applications. Now that I have sucessfully completed my PhD on Hybrid Combinations of Adaptive Filters (in April, 2016), I intend to make research on self learning systems, cooperative filtering (recommendation systems), data-warehousing and system identification. Currently, I have a position at the headquarters of Celesc D, an utility company based in Santa Catarina State where I develop activities related to database administration, energetic efficiency, systems architecture, decision-support systems and datawarehousing.

Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems Artificial Intelligence

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