Gerald LeBlanc


Dr. LeBlanc is a Professor and Head of the Department of Biological Science, North Carolina State University. Dr. LeBlanc maintains an active research program in environmental endocrine toxicology. This research involves elucidating processes that contribute to the endocrine regulation of reproduction and development and their disruption by environmental agents. Dr. Dr. LeBlanc has published 150 research articles and 17 textbook chapters in toxicology. He has served on numerous federal and international science advisory committees, panels, and boards, including the National Research Council’s Committee on Ecological Risk Assessment and as chairman of the USEPA Endocrine Disruptors Methods Validation Advisory Committee. He also has served as steering committee member, session chair, and keynote speaker for several national and international scientific symposia and as an associate editor or editorial board member for numerous scientific journals.

Environmental Sciences Toxicology

PeerJ Contributions

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