Gizachew Balew Jembere
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Gizachew Balew Jembere


I am a senior Public health expert graduated with BSc in Public Health (2003, Haramaya University, Ethiopia) and Masters in Public Health (2008, Gondar University, Ethiopia). Currently I am a PhD candidate in Public Health in Seoul National University.
I have worked at vareous governmental and Non Governmental Organizations in Ethiopia. My experience as urban Regional Manager in Engender Health, as Area Manager (Adama, Oromiya) in Family guidance association and as Project manager in African Medical and Research foundation, now Amref Health Africa are to be mentioned in the non governmental sector. Whereas my experience as lecturer in Hosanna Health Science College and as Head of Alaba Health Center both in SNNPR have given me ample experience in the public sector. I have managed maternal and child health projects, water and sanitation related projects, HIV related projects that have project design and implementation, human resource management, financial management and liaising activities.

Epidemiology Global Health Health Policy Public Health