Mohamad Ivan Fanany

Mohamad Ivan Fanany


Dr. Fanany is a researcher and lecturer at Faculty of Computer Science and Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering.-- University of Indonesia. His research interests include machine learning, data-mining, and combining vision and graphics for the application of advanced machine learning especialy in remote sensing, climate modeling, biomedical, automobile, broadcasting and robotics industry. Currently, he also work in hyperspectral image understanding and climate modeling in cooperation with Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology. One of his current scientific activity is a reviewer of Elsevier Journal of Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine.

Before joining the faculty, he worked at Future Project Div. Toyota Motor Corp, Japan, as a member of middleware development and recognition team; NHK Engineering Services Inc., as a researcher of IT21 Millennium Project on Advanced High Resolution and Highly Sensible Presence 3D Content Creation funded by NICT Japan; and a JSPS Fellow and Research Assistant at Imaging Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech). He served as the Chairman of Titech IEEE student branch 2002-2003. Currently member of IEEE Consumers Electronics and IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Societies. In January 2015, he is elevated to Senior Member of IEEE.

Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems Agents & Multi-Agent Systems Artificial Intelligence Autonomous Systems Brain-Computer Interface Computer Aided Design Computer Vision Data Mining & Machine Learning Data Science Distributed & Parallel Computing Emerging Technologies Human-Computer Interaction Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing Multimedia Optimization Theory & Computation Programming Languages Robotics Scientific Computing & Simulation Social Computing Software Engineering

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Lecturer and Researcher

Universitas Indonesia
July 2010
Computer Science

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