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3 days ago
University of York York, united kingdom
Government policies are driving UK woodland expansion, especially in the uplands. Expanding woodland has benefits, but previous upland afforestation has impacted open ground biodiversity including waders....
4 days ago
Université Bordeaux I Bordeaux, france
Agricultural food production is responsible of roughly one quarter of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Curbing those emissions is key to achieve the Paris Agreement objectives. Organic...
5 days ago
University of St. Andrews St Andrews, united kingdom
It may seem obvious that a bird’s nest plays an important role in reproduction. For example, the eggs or young in a nest that is exposed to predators, in a nest that gets too wet or too cold or is too...
6 days ago
The Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL) Norwich, united kingdom
Molecular mechanisms underlying plant-pathogen arms race With the human population projected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, the looming challenge of feeding the rapidly growing population is threatened...
15 October
Pasteur Institute Paris, france
Are you a biophysicist interested in bacterial infections? We are looking for a talented researcher willing to dig into the forces at play at the host/pathogen interface. Few recent studies have shown...
12 October
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique MONTPELLIER, france
Organic chemist, the candidate will be involved as a medicinal chemist in a multidisciplinary project integrating a team of chemists (the host team), biologists (project leader) and geneticists. The objectives...
11 October
Københavns Universitet Copenhagen, denmark
Welcome to The International Doctoral Programme ‘Discovering treatment from biomedical research’ (DISCOVER). DISCOVER is supported by the H2020 Marie S. Curie programme and will recruit 24 talented fellows...
6 October
DTU Denmark, denmark
We seek a highly motivated Postdoc to push the boundaries for development and application of engineered microorganisms for identification of microbial signals and signaling processes in soil- and rhizosphere...
5 October
Call for Papers
Artificial intelligence/machine learning methods are among the most exciting research topics in drug design chemistry. This is a rapidly evolving area of research, and in a very short period of time such...
1 October
Queen's University Kingston, canada
A Post-Doctoral position is available in the computational analysis of high-throughput sequencing data (Illumina + Oxford Nanopore) for the study of microbial communities, with an emphasis on ticks and...
30 September
Institut Pasteur Paris, france
The Institut Pasteur organizes a doctoral program in collaboration with the Université de Paris, the Sorbonne Université, and the Université Paris Saclay, for students holding a master degree or the equivalent...
14 September
Call for Papers
“The development of Internet of Things applications, complex applications that require a deep knowledge of several abstraction layers of computing systems, presents a whole set of new challenges in several...
7 September
Call for Papers
Nano- and Microplastics in the Environment Single-use plastics are like a double-edged sword: on the one hand, plastics have revolutionized many areas of everyday life, on the other hand, their mass...
24 August
Call for Papers
Submit your research to this PeerJ Life and Environment Special Issue focussed on exploring our understanding of the evolution and consequences of animal personality.
10 August
Call for Papers
Remote sensing, and its multiple applications, are significantly impacting how biodiversity scientists are collecting and analyzing data. Professor Patricia Gandini and Dr Diogo Provete – Section Editors...
15 July
Call for Papers
Supramolecular chemistry is the foundation of novel technologies for environmental sensors and molecular diagnostics, and there is a great gap in Open Access chemical literature. This Special Issue, edited...
8 June
Call for Papers
High resolution microscopy can now provide detailed insights into tissue and cell structure. Omics technologies, such as genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, can generate vast amounts of data at a molecular...
2 March
Call for Papers
Bio-inspired Deep Learning Image and Signal Processing Pipelines in Medical Oncology Modern approaches to the quantitative analysis of medical images...
11 February
PeerJ London, united kingdom
We invite submissions to the PeerJ Collection "The Biology of Sesamoid Tissues in Vertebrates" to stimulate further research in sesamoid biology: to...

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