The Auckland Museum Institute Postgraduate Scholarship Programme

The Auckland Museum Auckland, new zealand
Position: Natural Sciences Scholarship Contract Full-time Degree: Master's

Job description

Natural Sciences Scholarship: for research within natural sciences, science communications, or digital technologies. The focus should either be on developing engaging methods to tell the stories of human influence on biodiversity and climate change or be targeted to scientific research associated within these disciplines.

Skills & Experience

Applicants will be assessed on the merit of their application. The selection process may include an interview with a panel of staff from Auckland Museum and the Auckland Museum Institute Council. Scholarship recipients will be selected in accordance with the following criteria: * Cultural competency, in connection to the Museum’s unique cultural identity where applicable. * Academic excellence and the potential to succeed in the proposed research. * Alignment of research to the Museum’s collections, practices, or research priorities. * Likelihood of the scholarship to support the applicant’s proposed course of study and research. * Likelihood of the scholarship contributing to new development opportunities or research findings for Māori and/or Pasifika students, where applicable.
Show how to Apply
~ Deadline October 31, 2021 ~
Please find the application form [here](

p.s. be sure to mention this PeerJ listing when applying.