Edward Baker


Project Lead of the BioAcoustica project creating an online repository and analysis platform for wildlife sounds. I have also nearly finished editing the book Arduino for Biologists, and act as Informatics Advisor to the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature. Previously I led the extension of the Scratchpads virtual research environment within the e-monocot project at the Natural History Museum, London.

My research interests are divided between the polyneoptera (grasshoppers, cockroaches, praying mantids and related groups) and how technology, both software and hardware, can be used to improve science. Examples include In Situ Acoustic Monitoring of Biodiversity - a project to automatically monitor bush-cricket populations using their songs.

Biodiversity Computational Biology Data Science Embedded Computing Entomology Evolutionary Studies Taxonomy

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Biodiversity Informatician

Natural History Museum
Department of Life Sciences

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