Eduardo Andrés-León

Eduardo Andrés-León


I am a Molecular Biologist by training (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). I started my Ph.D at the Protein Design Group (PDG) at the CNB (National Center for Biotechnology-CSIC) under the supervision of Prof. A. Valencia, where I focused in text mining development tools related with metabolic pathways studies (Hoffmann et al. Science Signaling-2005). I also participated in the BioCreAtivE assesment (Blaschke c. et all. BMC Bioinformatics-2005), the main contest in the text-mining field.
In 2004, I got a position at the INB (Spanish Institute for Bioinformatics) where I acquired extensive training towards computational services development and management (Navas-Delgado et al. Bioinformatics-2006).
In 2006 I moved to the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) where I joined the Bioinformatics Unit (Ubio).
I would like to emphasize some collaborations involving very different topics to reflect my expertise. Developing new web based tools for biological information integration (Cases et al. NAR-2007) and web based databases (Andrés León et al. NAR-2009) for protein-protein interactions (Pazos et al, Methods Mol. B-2008) and studing protein interactions networks. (García-Jimenez, PloS One-2010).
In addition, I have contributed to ncRNA analyses (Frenkel-Morgenstern, NAR-2013), in partiuclar in miRNAs and its contribution in cancer such as diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (Martín-Perez, Leukemia-2012) or breast cancer (Tanic et al. British Journal of Cancer-2013).

Bioinformatics Computational Biology

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Head of Bioinformatics Unit

Institute of parasitology and biomedicine "López-Neyra"
April 2015

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