Thomas Horn


My mother gave birth to me in 1974, Blackwood Forrest, Germany (yes, in a hospital). I came to study biology with the age of 29 after revisiting school for 5 years (evening school).Scientifically, I crystallized in botany due to impressive childhood experiences in the green environment. With a dimploma thesis about "weedy rice" I concluded basic studies. In the following 4 years I concerned myself with plant systematics, evolution, bioinformatics and molecular biological methodology and finished with a phd thesis about Genetic Food Diagnostics. Currently I am working as post-doc involved in biodiversity, evolution and diagnostics of commercial plant products.

Biodiversity Bioinformatics Biotechnology Computational Biology Conservation Biology Data Mining & Machine Learning Evolutionary Studies Food Science & Technology Molecular Biology Plant Science

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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
January 2010
Molecular Cellbiology

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