Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara
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Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara


Marine conservation ecologist. PhD, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (1985); founder (1986) and president, Tethys Research Institute; CMS Councillor for Aquatic Mammals (since 2014); Co-Chair, IUCN Task Force on marine mammal protected areas (since 2013); Deputy Chair, IUCN Cetacean Specialist Group (since 1997); Regional Coordinator (Mediterranean and Black Seas), IUCN WCPA – Marine (since 2000); Advisor, Pew Fellows in Marine Conservation (since 2003). Teaches science and policy of the conservation of marine biodiversity (since 2007) at the University Statale of Milan (more details:

Conservation Biology Ecology Marine Biology

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Tethys Research Institute
January 1986
Private research organisation, based in MIlano, Italy, dedicated to the provision of scientific information to support marine conservation.