Daniel Bilar


Well-rounded, forward-looking information security specialist and next-generation R & D. 20+ years experience working in commercial sphere (CH, US), US higher education, and US DoD contractor.

Expertise in quantitative compositional risk analysis / management, open-loop payments networks, offensive/defense cyber-security, threat modeling, SSDLC, moving target defenses, adversarial dynamics.

Coupled Natural & Human Systems Emerging Technologies Optimization Theory & Computation Science Policy Security & Privacy Software Engineering

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Norwich University
January 2014
Information Systems

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12 Sep 2016

Dear Profs Özgür and Erdem Thank you for this needed too rare review. It is sobering that we may be basing security research directions and conclusions on a dataset which is ho...

20 Sep 2016

Daniel Bilar (Sept 20, 2016): This extended abstract submission was rejected for a 5 minute lightning talk at SecDev 2016. With the permission of the PC chair, I am posting the un...

21 Nov 2016

This 2 page extended abstract submission was rejected on Nov 21, 2016. I am posting the unedited, original reviewer comments below. This serves three pedagogical purposes 1) To...

23 Dec 2016

Much enjoyed this empirical work and will ponder what (if anything) can be inferred from the statistical distributions. I have two comments: 1) Crash reports have a potential...