David M McGill


David completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at the University of Sydney (2005) with a major in Animal Production. Following this he worked as a research officer with DPI (NSW) and the University of Sydney (Reprogen) group before starting a project management role in a dairy extension in Pakistan (The ASLP Dairy project, 2007-2010). This lead to a PhD (CSU, 2010-2014) on the genetic evaluation of Sahiwal cattle (a Pakistani breed).

Since finishing his PhD, David become the leader of the dairy research team in Pakistan and started a Research Fellow position at the University of Melbourne (2016). He is currently working with the Mackinnon Project to engage in more international research for development projects with ACIAR and other funding bodies. He continues to work with his extensive contacts in Pakistan to develop project opportunities in the growing livestock sectors which impact the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. Other projects he is involved in look at using digital data collection from farmers as a means of improving data quality, output and farmer engagement.

David has a very keen interest in research for development projects and in particular linking other researchers working in this same space. Along with a group of other early career researchers working on similar projects, David has helped to establish the RAID network (Researchers in Agriculture for International Development; http://www.raidaustralia.net/).

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Research Fellow – International Animal Agriculture

University of Melbourne
February 2016
Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences

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December 14, 2015
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