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Daniele Marinazzo obtained his Master Degree in Physics in 2001 and his PhD in Physics in 2007 from the University of Bari, Italy. The activity of his research groups focuses on methodological and computational aspects of neuroscience research. His research has always been interdisciplinary, being a physicist who has always worked side by side with clinical and experimental neuroscientists, even performing electrophysiology experiments himself, on rats and cats during his postdoc at CNRS in Paris (2008-2011).
Since 2011 is professor at UGent in the department of Data Analysis of the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences. He teaches techniques of neuroimaging data analysis. He is member of an international consortium aimed to promote exchanges and support to Chinese students (Plan 111). He organizes regularly workshops, conferences and journal special issues around connectivity methods and their applications to neuroscience. He is member of the scientific committee of the Ghent Institute for Neuroscience, serving as an umbrella for interdisciplinary and translational research. Daniele Marinazzo is editor of PLOS Computational Biology, Network Neuroscience and PLOS One, and referee for many journals in the field of neuroscience and applied physics and mathematics.

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University of Ghent
Data Analysis, Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences

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