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"Open source software has transformed the practice of software development. So, it is about time for an open access computer science journal to bring Computer Science research publishing into the 21st century. It's great to be part of helping to make that happen!"
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PeerJ Computer Science is the new open access journal covering all subject areas in computer science, with the backing of a prestigious advisory board and more than 300 academic editors.
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Guidelines for using empirical studies in software engineering education
Computer Education Software Engineering
492 views · 44 downloads
Fabian Fagerholm, Marco Kuhrmann, Jürgen Münch
DOSCHEDA: a web application for interactive chemoproteomics data analysis
413 views · 37 downloads
Bruno Contrino, Eric Miele, Ronald Tomlinson, M. Paola Castaldi, Piero Ricchiuto
Nowcasting commodity prices using social media
Data Science Network Science and Online Social Networks Social Computing
759 views · 95 downloads
Jaewoo Kim, Meeyoung Cha, Jong Gun Lee
Accelerating the XGBoost algorithm using GPU computing
Artificial Intelligence Data Mining and Machine Learning Data Science
785 views · 117 downloads
Rory Mitchell, Eibe Frank
A method for creating interactive, user-resembling avatars
Human-Computer Interaction Emerging Technologies
498 views · 75 downloads
Igor Macedo Silva, Renan C. Moioli
Prediction of protein function using a deep convolutional neural network ensemble
Bioinformatics Computational Biology Data Mining and Machine Learning
612 views · 136 downloads
Evangelia I. Zacharaki
CodonGenie: optimised ambiguous codon design tools
Bioengineering Bioinformatics Biotechnology Computational Biology Synthetic Biology
554 views · 44 downloads
Neil Swainston, Andrew Currin, Lucy Green, Rainer Breitling, Philip J. Day, Douglas B. Kell
Power1D: a Python toolbox for numerical power estimates in experiments involving one-dimensional continua
Scientific Computing and Simulation Programming Languages
447 views · 41 downloads
Todd C. Pataky
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