39th Association of Marine Laboratories in the Caribbean Meeting - a PeerJ Collection

Founded in 1957, the AMLC is a confederation of more than 40 marine research, educational, and resource management institutions, and at least 160 individual scientists. All parties seek to encourage the production and exchange of relevant information to advance the cause of marine and environmental education in the region, while facilitating cooperation and mutual assistance amongst the membership. As a scientific organization, the strength of the AMLC lies in the diversity of its member laboratories and the extensive expertise of its membership that extends across Institutional, Individual Scientist and Student groups.

Publications from AMLC conferences have been peer-reviewed since 1997 and have appeared in other Journals. This AMLC-PeerJ collection contains manuscripts originating from presentations at AMLC scientific meetings that have been peer-reviewed and accepted.

The 39th AMLC Scientific Conference was hosted by the Punta Cana Foundation and themed "Environmental Variability in the Wider Caribbean - the Ecological, Social and Economic Consequences".

Also available to other groups