The SMBE 2017 Collection - a PeerJ Collection


The “SMBE 2017 Collection” contains abstracts, posters, talk slides, and full-length manuscripts describing work presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE) in Austin, TX, July 2–6 2017.

The annual meeting of the SMBE is the premier international scientific meeting covering molecular evolution and related topics. The meeting is held in a different country each year. For each meeting, a local organizing committee (LOC) manages the selection of scientific presentations at the conference, while the SMBE underwrites the conference, provides numerous registration and travel awards, and defines the overarching conference structure. The conference is subdivided into separate symposia, selected by the LOC and organized by independent symposium organizers. The symposium organizers invite speakers, solicit submissions to their symposia, and provide abstract reviews to the LOC for final selection.

The abstracts listed in this collection have not been rigorously reviewed for content. However, they have been checked for suitability for a conference on molecular biology and evolution and for appropriate length and formatting.

Local Organizing Committee

Claus O. Wilke (UT Austin)

Howard Ochman (UT Austin)

Nancy Moran (UT Austin)

Symposium Organizers

Simon Aeschbacher (UC Davis)

Isabel Alves (Ontario, Canada)

Tim Anderson (TX Biomed)

Raquel Assis (Penn State)

Adam Auton (23andMe)

Francois Balloux (UCL, UK)

Luis B. Barreiro (Montreal, Canada)

Daniel Bolnick (UT Austin)

Alexandros Bousios (Sussex, UK)

Adam Boyko (Cornell)

Tony Capra (Vanderbilt)

Anne-Ruxandra Carvunis (Pittsburgh)

Z. Jeffrey Chen (UT Austin)

Jae Young Choi (NYU)

Becky Chong (UT Austin)

Nathan Clark (U Pittsburgh)

Russ Corbett-Detig (UCSC)

Laurent Excoffier (U Bern, Switzerland)

Ziyue Gao (Stanford)

Nandita Garud (UCSF)

Brandon Gaut (UC Irvine)

Jeffrey Good (U Montana)

Sharon Greenblum (Stanford)

Arbel Harpak (Stanford)

Kelley Harris (Stanford)

Daniel Jeffares (UCL, UK)

Joyce Kao (NYU)

Sergei Kosakovsky Pond (Temple U)

Dennis Kostka (U Pittsburgh)

Chih-Horng Kuo (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

Benjamin Jack (UT Austin)

Zoé Joly-Lopez (NYU)

Laurence Loewe (U Wisconsin)

Jesus Lozano-Fernandez (Bristol, UK)

Victor Luria (Harvard)

Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas (U Bern, Switzerland)

Anton Nekrutenko (Penn State)

Mary O’Connell (Leeds, UK)

Elen Oneal (Duke)

Stephan Peischl (U Bern, Switzerland)

Benjamin Peter (Chicago)

Davide Pisani (Bristol, UK)

Lluis Quintana-Murci (Pasteur, France)

Rebekah L Rogers (Berkeley)

Tim Sackton (Harvard)

Julia Saltz (Rice)

Joshua Schraiber (Temple U)

Pamela S. Soltis (U Florida)

Natalie Steinel (UT Austin)

Emma Teeling (UC Dublin, Ireland)

Ashley Teufel (UT Austin)

Michael Thompson (Sydney, Australia)

Jesse Weber (U Montana)

Camilla Whittington (Sydney, Australia)

Melissa Wilson Sayres (Arizona State)

Soojin Yi (Georgia Tech)

Li Zhao (Rockefeller)

Sponsors and exhibitors


The University of Texas at Austin




Nature Ecology and Evolution



PLOS Computational Biology

BIOO Scientific

Oxford University Press


Royal Society Publishing




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