The PeerJ Bioinformatics Software Tools Collection - a PeerJ Collection

"Taxonomic comparison between HMP and MetaHIT stool samples." - Fig 3 from "Compact graphical representation of phylogenetic data and metadata with GraPhlAn"

This Collection (which will expand over time) is curated by Keith Crandall and Claus Wilke, Senior Academic Editors at PeerJ. It aims to collate the most interesting, innovative and relevant ‘bioinformatics tools’ articles which have been published in PeerJ and PeerJ Computer Science. Read a blog post with Keith and Claus explaining the motivation for this Collection.

PeerJ is an ideal venue for the publication of these types of articles:

- PeerJ is fully Open Access, guaranteeing the widest possible readership and re-use of articles

- PeerJ allows authors to publish articles of unlimited extent

- PeerJ also hosts PeerJ Preprints, a preprint server which enables rapid communication and feedback for articles before formal peer review

- PeerJ requires code to be open and accessible, hence readers can be assured that they can access the tools appropriately

- PeerJ is significantly cheaper than alternate open access publications

PeerJ welcomes submissions of this type, and we encourage authors to consider submitting their best work to us. Guidelines for PeerJ submissions can be found here.

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