'Reproducibility, Standards and SOP in Bioinformatics' Workshop Collection - a PeerJ Collection

The Workshop ‘Reproducibility, Standards and SOP in Bioinformatics‘ was co-organised by the COST European Action CHARME (CA15110), EMBnet (The Global Bioinformatics Network) and NETTAB (International Workshop Series on Network Tools and Applications for Biology) as the 16th edition of the NETTAB Workshops. It was hosted by the ELIXIR-ITA Node and held at the Italian CNR (National Research Council) headquarters, in Rome, on October 25-26, 2016.

NETTAB Workshops are a series of workshops focused on the most promising and innovative ICT tools and to their usefulness in Bioinformatics. these events have been held annually in a different Italian town and with a different focus theme. Themes have ranged on various highly relevant topics, including, e.g., XML in Bioinformatics (Genoa, 2001), Workflow management (Naples, 2005), Semantic Web (Pisa, 20017), Biological wikis (Naples, 2010), Social and mobile applications (Venice, 2013), Integrative Bioinformatics (Bari, 2015).

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