Endocrine Disruption: Chemical testing, Risk Assessment Approaches and Implications - a PeerJ Collection

This special series of six papers (an introductory paper and 5 other papers each covering a session) comes from the Focused Topic Meeting on Endocrine Disruption Chemical (EDC) Testing; Risk Assessment Approaches and Implications (held 4 – 6 February, 2014, Raleigh, North Carolina). The meeting was organized under the umbrella of the SOCIETY FOR ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY (SETAC) and was composed of five sessions that each dealt with a specific topic. Broadly speaking the following themes were addressed: a) the status of the USEPA Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program (EDSP), b) how data from both EDSP-directed testing and other sources may be interpreted and applied in regulatory settings and c) approaches for moving beyond estrogen, androgen and thyroid pathways to address current challenges and expanding future approaches to EDC testing. Where relevant, the summaries of each of the sessions are enhanced beyond the original ideas of the presentations during the meeting.

It is the intention of the Steering Committee that these publications will act not only as a record of the proceedings of the meeting, but also as a valuable resource.

Also available to other groups