InCoB 2013 Collection - a PeerJ Collection

InCoB 2013 - 12th International Conference on Bioinformatics

InCoB (the International Conference on Bioinformatics) is a meeting with the objective of providing a platform for bioinformaticians in the Asia-Pacific region to exchange their ideas and recent advances in bioinformatics. Its organizer is APBioNet (The Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Network), which is an organization for promoting bioinformatics in the Asia-Pacific region by producing and provisioning bioinformatics resources such as databases, software, training, education and standardization guidelines.

The InCoB meetings have been held annually since 2002 and the 12th of them was held in Taicang, China, on September 20-22th, 2013. This Collection represents some of the papers accepted and presented in the meeting. This Collection may be regarded as a good sample of current activity on bioinformatics in the Asia-Pacific region.

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