The International Urban Wildlife Conference - a PeerJ Collection

This collection consists of abstracts from research presented at the International Urban Wildlife Conference that took place May 17-20, 2015 in Chicago, IL USA. This conference was hosted by Lincoln Park Zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute and The Wildlife Society’s Urban Wildlife Working Group, and was held at Lincoln Park Zoo.

More than in any other setting, humans interact with wildlife in the world's rapidly expanding urban environments. This reality necessitates that we increase our understanding of urban growth on wildlife populations and develop sustainable solutions to manage conflict for the benefit of both humans and animals. The International Urban Wildlife Conference focused on disseminating the latest research and information on the ecology and management of urban wildlife, reducing human-wildlife conflict, planning wildlife-friendly cities, and strategies for effective outreach and education.

Initially organized in 1986 by Lowell Adams as the National Symposium on Urban Wildlife, the conference has been held under various titles and sponsors over the years, but its rich 30-year history reflects the growing interest and relevance of wildlife in urban areas. Over 300 researchers, planners, and practitioners from state and federal agencies, universities, municipal and county governments, architects, urban planners, and private organizations were in attendance, traveling to Chicago from across the United States and 5 countries.

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