'Chimpanzees in Context' Symposium - a PeerJ Collection

This Collection consists of contributions to the fourth Understanding Chimpanzees symposium, "Chimpanzees in Context", which will take place 18 – 20 August 2016 in Chicago, USA. The abstracts presented in this Collection are those accepted for the open-call ePoster session, which will be held on August 19th 2016 at Lincoln Park Zoo.

In 1986, Jane Goodall and Paul Heltne organized the first Understanding Chimpanzees meeting to bring together primatologists studying chimpanzees in Africa, along with researchers working with captive chimpanzees, to discuss contemporary research findings and expand their knowledge of chimpanzee behavior and ecology. Chimpanzees in Context will be the fourth meeting in this series and will be held in August 2016, which marks the thirty year anniversary since the first meeting.

Chimpanzees in Context is organized and hosted by Lincoln Park Zoo’s Lester E. Fisher Center for the Study and Conservation of Apes. To register to attend Chimpanzees in Context, please go to http://www.chimpsymposium.org/registration-and-fees/

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