Tenth Interdisciplinary Conference on Drug Research and Development Collection - a PeerJ Collection

This Collection consists of contributions to the X-th MKNOL (Interdisciplinary Conference on Drug Research and Development) Conference, which will take place 15 – 19 May 2016 in Korytnica, Poland. The Conference is organized by the Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Warsaw.

The MKNOL is a biannual meeting devoted to all aspects of drug research, from medicinal chemistry to process development and clinical pharmacology. The 2016 event will be held for a second time in a row, at a small rural Cztery Wiatry Spa & Sport Resort near Korytnica in the southeast part of Poland.

Although the conference language is Polish, the proceedings are issued in English (archives available through: http://www.nowy.ifarm.eu/firma/seminaria-i-konferencje). To date, a considerable number of conference papers have been published in the form of reviews, full papers, and research (short) communications, in "Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica – Drug Research Journal" from the Polish Pharmaceutical Society.

Current info on X MKNOL 2016 will be posted on http://www.ifarm.eu.

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