Top Genomics Papers - Oct 2015 - a PeerJ Collection

Crop of Fig 4 of "Anvi’o: an advanced analysis and visualization platform for ‘omics data". The tree on the left displays the hierarchical clustering of 10 culture genomes based on sequence composition. Each view layer represents the “percent coverage” of each split in the Pensacola beach metagenomic dataset. The tree on the right displays the coverage-based hierarchical clustering of 56 environmental draft genomes determined from the co-assembly of Pensacola Beach metagenomic dataset.

We are pleased that leading genomics researchers worldwide have chosen to publish some of their best work in PeerJ and PeerJ PrePrints. By publishing their work in an open access venue, their research can now be freely discovered, read and re-used by anyone with an interest in this field, or in any of the fields allied to it.

This Collection of 10 articles represents some of the most noteworthy genomics research which PeerJ has published in the 2 years prior to October 2015. The list was compiled by examining a range of article level metrics - many are already highly cited, many have been widely tweeted, and many have had a high number of page views. The resulting list is a subjective snapshot of the most interesting genomics research appearing in PeerJ today. The authors of every single article chose to make their peer-review history public, showing that this is a community which is embracing full openness!

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