SPPC/SVPCA 2015 Collection - a PeerJ Collection

This Collection consists of contributions to the 63rd Symposium for Vertebrate Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy, and 24th Symposium of Palaeontological Preparation and Conservation with the Geological Curators' Group. It was held in Southampton, United Kingdom between August 31st to September 3rd 2015.

These symposia on palaeontological preparation and palaeontological research are held annually, and cover the entire range of vertebrate palaeontological and comparative anatomical research (taxonomy, specimen descriptions, biomechanics, macroevolution, etc). This is the first time it has been held in Southampton, and the host committee is from Ocean and Earth Science at the University of Southampton.

The 2015 symposia were supported by the Hampshire Cultural Trust, Dinosaur Isle, Geological Curators' Group, and Frontiers in Earth Science.

More info on the symposium is available at:http://svpca.org/years/2015_southampton/index.php.

Also available to other groups