German Conference on Bioinformatics 2015 Collection - a PeerJ Collection


The "GCB 2015 Collection" contains preprints of research work that was presented at the German Conference on Bioinformatics (GCB) 2015 at the University Alliance Ruhr, TU Dortmund campus, September 27-30, 2015.

The German Conference on Bioinformatics is one of the oldest annual bioinformatics meetings in Europe, seeing its 21st edition in 2015.

The conference series is coordinated by the advisory board of the joint "Fachgruppe Bioinformatik" (FaBI) of the societies DECHEMA, GBM, GDCh and GI.

The location changes each year and highlights different centers of bioinformatics research in Germany.

In 2015, we are happy to showcase the excellent bioinformatics research at the University Alliance Ruhr and its member universities TU Dortmund, Ruhr University Bochum and University of Duisburg-Essen.

After a brief introduction by Sven Rahmann (UA Ruhr Professor for Computational Biology), the conference was opened by Prof. Winfried Schulze, historian, chair of Meractor Research Center Ruhr (MERCUR) and former chair of the German Wissenschaftsrat. Prof. Matthias Rarey welcomed the participants on behalf of the Fachgruppe Bioinformatik (FaBI).

The present collection contains all of the written conference materials.

There are several types of documents:

- eleven proceedings papers that were reviewed, discussed and selected by the program committee from 18 submissions. Please note that while these articles are listed as "unreviewed preprints" on the PeerJ website, they have been checked for scientific quality and content by the program committee. It was up to the authors, however, to consider any comments for the version presented here. Some authors prefer a journal publication over a conference publication, and so the organizing committee decided to have a preprint collection instead of officially reviewed conference proceedings.

- one collection of extended abstracts of invited talks, junior research group presentations, and research highlights from the past year. These abstracts have been reviewed and selected by the program committee: 8 out of 10 submitted hightlight abstracts and 6 out of 8 submitted junior research group abstracts were accepted. Invited talks were given by Arndt von Haeseler, Veli Mäkinen, Eric Rivals, Roland Schwarz and Andrew Smith.

- one collection of poster abstracts; these 57 poster abstracts have not been rigorously reviewed for content, but rather checked for suitability to a bioinformatics conference and the appropriate format.

We would especially like to point out a novelty at GCB 2015: Junior Research Group presentations. Instead of focusing on one particular question or result, these talks provide an opportunity for new groups led by a young researcher to present a top-down view of the group's research program to a large audience. We are especially interested on feedback on this part of the program.

Finally, a big "Thank You" goes to the Program Committee, the Organizing Committee, all local organizers and supporters who made GCB 2015 possible.

Program Committee

- Rolf Backofen (Freiburg)

- Jan Baumbach (Odense, DK)

- Tim Beissbarth (Göttingen)

- Sebastian Böcker (Jena)

- Mathieu Clément-Ziza (Cologne)

- Christoph Dieterich (Cologne)

- Marcus Dittrich (Würzburg)

- Martin Eisenacher (Bochum)

- Caroline C. Friedel (Munich)

- Holger Fröhlich (Bonn)

- Alexander Goesmann (Gießen)

- Andreas Gogol-Döring (Gießen)

- Jan Grau (Halle)

- Dominik Heider (Straubing)

- Daniel Hoffmann (Essen)

- Lars Kaderali (Dresden)

- Jens Keilwagen (Braunschweig)

- Johannes Kirchmair (Hamburg)

- Gunnar W. Klau (Amsterdam)

- Ina Koch (Frankfurt)

- Oliver Koch (Dortmund)

- Oliver Kohlbacher (Tübingen)

- Tobias Marschall (Saarbrücken)

- Annalisa Marsico (Berlin)

- Manja Marz (Jena)

- Bui Quang Minh (Vienna, AUS)

- Burkhard Morgenstern (Göttingen)

- Axel Mosig (Bochum), chair

- Tobias Müller (Würzburg)

- Sven Nahnsen (Tübingen)

- Tim Nattkemper (Bielefeld)

- Nico Pfeifer (Saarbrücken)

- Heike Pospisil (Wildau)

- Sven Rahmann (Essen), chair

- Jörg Rahnenführer (Dortmund)

- Knut Reinert (Berlin)

- Bernhard Renard (Berlin)

- Alexander Schoenhuth (Amsterdam)

- Joachim Selbig (Potsdam)

- Achim Tresch (Cologne)

Organizing Committee

- Daniela Beisser (Essen)

- Marianna D'Addario (Dortmund)

- Martin Eisenacher (Bochum)

- Corinna Ernst (Essen), press contact

- Johannes Fischer (Dortmund), finance chair

- Nina Hesse (Dortmund)

- Gundel Jankord (Dortmund)

- Oliver Koch (Dortmund)

- Dominik Kopczynski (Dortmund), chair

- Axel Mosig (Bochum)

- Sven Rahmann (Essen)

- Jörg Rahnenführer (Dortmund)

- Christopher Schröder (Essen), webmaster

- Henning Timm (Essen)

Local Organizers

- Maike Ahrens (Bochum)

- Marcel Bargull (Dortmund)

- Elisabeth Böhmer (Dortmund)

- Alexey Egorov (Dortmund)

- Sabrina Friesenborg (Dortmund)

- Till Hartmann (Dortmund)

- Salome Horsch (Dortmund)

- André Janowicz (Essen)

- Michael Kohl (Bochum)

- Lars Koppers (Dortmund)

- Sascha Krauß (Bochum)

- Gerhard Mayer (Bochum)

- Helge Michels (Dortmund)

- Bianca Patro (Essen)

- Jakob Richter (Dortmund)

- Thomas Temme (Bochum)

- Michael Turewicz (Bochum)

- Julian Uszkoreit (Bochum)

- Claudia Wolf (Essen)


- Mercator Research Center Ruhr (grant Pe-2013-0012)

- TU Dortmund

- Ruhr University Bochum

- University of Duisburg-Essen

- UA Ruhr



- PeerJ

- Alumni der Informatik Dortmund e.V.

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