Top Cell Biology Papers - May 2015 - a PeerJ Collection

A crop of Figure 2 from "Mutations changing tropomodulin affinity for tropomyosin alter neurite formation and extension" by Moroz et al, showing co-expression of mChFP-Tmod2 and GFP-Tmod1 in PC12 cells after 3 days of NGF-induced neuronal differentiation.

Cell Biology is a vibrant field of study with significant overlap into areas such as genetics, biochemistry, developmental biology, molecular biology and immunology. Given the strong multi-disciplinary nature of this research, we are pleased that leading cell biologists have chosen to publish some of their best work in PeerJ, a journal which is well placed to highlight 'boundary crossing' work. By doing so this research can now be freely discovered, read and re-used by anyone with an interest in this field, or in any of the fields allied to it.

This collection of 10 articles represents some of the most noteworthy cell biology research which PeerJ has published from launch through May 2015. The list was compiled by examining a range of article level metrics as well as the opinions of the reviewers. The result is a subjective snapshot of the most interesting cell biology research appearing in PeerJ today. The authors of almost all of these articles also chose to make their peer-review history public, making them even more useful to the community.

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If you are a researcher working in this area, then we encourage you to submit your next articles to PeerJ.

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