Heath Blackmon

Heath Blackmon


I am interested in the evolution of genome structure at all scales. My research program focuses specifically on the development and application of phylogenetic comparative approaches to quantitatively investigate the tempo and mode of genome evolution and understand the interplay between life history and genome structure. I am also heavily invested in developing tools to make data more widely accessible to the research community at large. For instance I developed the Coleoptera Karyotype Database (www.uta.edu/karyodb/) that served as a template for the larger Tree of Sex Database (www.treeofsex.org/), which I continue to help maintain. Part of my work also includes development of novel methods to analyze large datasets in phylogenetic and quantitative genetic frameworks. These efforts are best represented by two of my R packages, evobiR and SAGA, that are available on CRAN.

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Postdoctoral Scholar

University of Minnesota
August 2015
Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
Emma Goldberg Lab