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Christopher J Lortie


I am an integrative scientist with expertise in community theory, sociology, and quantitative methods. Collaboration and building networks allows me to do the broadest possible research both conceptually and internationally. As such, my empirical research involves biogeographical comparisons of all community dynamics with particular emphasis on academia. I am creative and love to apply my skills to new challenges.

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Community ecology and positive interactions.

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25 Jun 2014

I love the idea and just tweeted your pre-print. Can you expand on the basics of semantic annotation & ontologies more extensively. These are really cool ideas and lines 144-145 j...

09 Jul 2013

Thanks for both of the above comments. Working backwards, I am going to cut the ranking comment, it is not necessary. As to the first suggestion, wow, I have no idea you could expo...

09 Jul 2013

I am going to dig in one more time on this one and add some new references. I may also expand the scope to be more general in how we conceptualize effective substrates for meta-an...

01 Jul 2014

Hi Dagmar, Thanks I will check it. The ideas are important so I did some research on it. Really cool stuff.

23 Oct 2014

**Abstract** A systematic review was conducted to assess the use of statistics in the field. I think you mean in this field. It was determined that the field and influence...

04 Nov 2014

In Abstract, state actual frequency of ANOVA use. I love the punchline at the end of the Abstract. Consider restating the objectives of the review at the end of the Introduction...

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