Brant Faircloth
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Brant C Faircloth


Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at Louisiana State University and Research Associate as the LSU Museum of Natural Sciences. Research interests include population and evolutionary genomics of non-model organisms; community genomics; genotype-phenotype interactions; (immuno-)genetic basis of mate choice; mating behavior; social behavior; and natural history.

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Assistant Professor

Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College
August 2014
Department of Biological Sciences
My research group is interested in understanding the evolutionary history of communities, species, populations, and individuals; the effects of genetic diversity on community structure; and the effects of variable genotypes on phenotypes under strong selection. To address questions in each of these areas, we generally use non-model organisms because their biology offers elegant tests of the hypotheses in which we're interested. Because we often work with non-model species, we also develop and use genomic and computational tools to facilitate our work with these organisms, and much of our work is "integrative" or "cross-disciplinary" - we use theory and tools from the fields of evolutionary biology, computational biology, molecular biology, organismal biology, genetics (few genetic regions), and genomics (many/all genetic regions) to help us address our questions.

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