Celebrate our 500th article with us …

Today sees the publication of our 500th article on PeerJNewspaper coverage of Biobanks. That’s 500 articles now on PeerJ that are openly available to the world – the culmination of over 3,000 authors’ work. And let’s not forget the 443 pre-prints already openly available on PeerJ PrePrints.

This milestone is really special to us – we’ve only been going since February 2013 and it’s thanks to the dedication of our authors, reviewers and Editorial Board that we’ve been able to reach this number. Our mission to publish the world’s best research openly to the world is as important to us today as it was the day we first launched.

We’re looking forward to building on this achievement and being able to celebrate our 1,000th article milestone soon. Why not join us and make your work available to the world.

We also didn’t want to let this opportunity pass without having some fun celebrating, so here’s an infographic on some numbers you may find surprising.


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