Proceedings of GNOME 2014 – a new PeerJ collection



Earlier this month, PeerJ was pleased to launch the Proceedings of GNOME 2014 — Festschrift for Gaston Gonnet’ PeerJ collection. This Collection consists of contributions to a Festschrift on the occasion of the retirement of Prof. Gaston H. Gonnet.

Prof. Gaston H Gonnet has made seminal contributions to at least three fields. He was a pioneer of symbolic computation as founder and early developer of the Maple computer algebra system. He contributed to the computerization of the Oxford English Dictionary and in the process contributed several influential text searching algorithms. In bioinformatics, he performed some of the earliest large-scale analyses of molecular sequences and helps establish fundamental methods for protein identification by mass profile fingerprinting. ‘GNOME’ therefore stands for “Gonnet is Not Only about Molecular Evolution”!

To mark the launch of the Collection, we asked Christophe Dessimoz, co-organizer of the symposium, to write a guest blog post explaining some of the motivation for this collection.

Dr. Dessimoz’s guest blog post is below:

“On 4 July 2014, the retirement symposium of Prof. Gaston H. Gonnet took place at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. We were delighted to publish the proceedings Festschrift for Gaston Gonnet’ as a PeerJ collection.

All submissions were first considered as PeerJ PrePrints. Because two contributions also happened to fall within PeerJ’s remit (original research papers in bioinformatics and computational science papers with a biology component), they were additionally submitted for peer-review. This process is still ongoing; provided they meet PeerJ‘s criteria, they will be published as PeerJ articles.

To provide a keepsake for attendees, we also produced a hardcopy, which can be obtained as print on demand.

Overall, partnering with PeerJ provided us organizers with an effective, lean, and inexpensive way of doing the proceedings.”

imageThe symposium’s group photo

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