Get involved at PeerJ – Special Offers and Free Giveaways!

Interact with our articles & publish your own for free


Here at PeerJ, we are keen to encourage commenting & interaction on our site and so we are running a special offer from now until the end of August.

Right now, anyone who leaves some form of meaningful comment on a PeerJ or PeerJ PrePrint article (and have it ‘voted up’) will have their personal publication fee waived when they come to publish at PeerJ. For full details, see

So if you have a paper you are working on, and you want to publish it for free, then we encourage you and all your co-authors to search our site, find an article you have an interest in, and consider leaving meaningful* comments, questions or answers. It really is that simple to get a free publication at PeerJ!

(* By ‘meaningful’ we mean something that contributes information to the discussion – not a simple ‘looks great’)

Help shape our future – seeking users to test out new features & functionality

We get a lot of positive feedback about our functionality and services – but we are constantly looking for ways to raise the bar still higher. This includes improving current features as well as releasing new ones – so if you would like to get involved as a tester to try out new features and to provide feedback which will help shape your user experience, then please get in touch.

We are looking for people who haven’t experienced our system yet, as well as people who have already tried us out. And we are interested in having you attend our London office for in-person testing, or simply having you interact remotely.

All testers will get an early look at where we are going next, will earn our gratitude, and of course will receive a selection of PeerJ schwag! If you are interested then just email us at

Enjoy your summer – but stay in touch with the latest publications

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, then we hope you enjoy the summer break. Don’t forget you can keep up-to-date with all the PeerJ output via our content alerts (which are customized to the subject areas you select in your Profile), via our RSS feeds, or via social media such as our twitter account.

Rest up, spend the break thinking great thoughts, and submit your summer blockbuster to PeerJ!

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