PeerJ PrePrints – The Time Has Come!

One year ago, on April 3rd 2013, we launched PeerJ PrePrints (and just one day later we published our first PrePrint articles).


Despite failed preprint launches in previous years, we believed that preprints were an idea whose time had finally come. So one year later, how has it been going?

Well, in that time PeerJ PrePrints has gone from strength to strength – we have incrementally rolled out new functionality such as the ability to add links to articles as well as the ability to leave feedback and to engage in Q&A discussions. We display usage statistics, (visitors, views and downloads) as well as social media metrics, and we ensure that PrePrints are clearly linked to any peer-reviewed published version.

In ever increasing numbers, authors have been adopting preprint publication as a way to get their research into the world more rapidly (typically within hours of submission), and to gain meaningful pre-publication feedback. To date we have published 350 unique preprints, and 23% of them have now been versioned with multiple updates.

Although preprints have always been popular in some physical science fields, it is clear to us that preprints are a concept whose time has now come in the biosciences. So join hundreds of satisfied preprint authors – establish precedence, gain early feedback, and submit your work to PeerJ PrePrints now!

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