PeerJ partners with Overleaf – now LaTeX submissions can be as easy as MS Word

If you have heard of LaTeX (a manuscript typesetting system commonly used in the ‘math heavy’ sciences) then you have probably heard people rave about how powerful it is, and how beautiful the output can be. PeerJ already accepts LaTeX submissions, however for most mortals coding a document in LaTeX is incredibly complicated.

However, there is a service which makes this much easier – Overleaf – which we at PeerJ have been a big fan of for some time now. With Overleaf, authors get the ability to author LaTeX documents using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor; they can collectively collaborate on a single document; the document they write is formatted ‘in real time’ for a live view of the final typeset output; and there is a wide variety of beautiful templates to use. And best of all – Overleaf is entirely free (they charge for premium services).

We are pleased, therefore, to announce a new partnership with Overleaf.

Specifically, PeerJ authors can now make use of a PeerJ ‘template’ at Overleaf (although use of this template is completely optional).


In addition, regardless of the template that you use, any Overleaf user now has the ability to easily take their document with associated LaTeX, and image files, and submit it straight to PeerJ with a single click. To do so, you simply click the “Submit to PeerJ” button (either in the topbar of your Overleaf screen or via the ‘publish’ menu) and your files and relevant metadata are exported directly to us. Our staff will then contact you to complete your submission information.

To emphasize, the use of Overleaf is not a requirement for LaTeX users submitting to PeerJ, but we do believe that many of our authors will find this submission route useful and easy to understand. A separate free Overleaf account may be required.

Get started at Overleaf today. Find the PeerJ template at And submit your LaTeX submissions to PeerJ now!


About Overleaf

Real-time collaboration in your browser
Overleaf compiles your document for you so you can see how your final document will look whilst you type. There’s no software to install, so you can start writing and collaborating instantly, and it shows you any errors & warnings as you go, so you can catch them early.

You always have the latest version
Overleaf synchronizes changes from all authors automatically, so you and your co-authors always have the latest version. All your files are securely stored, and you can access them at any time — all you need is a browser.

Rich Text Mode
Having a hard time convincing your coauthors to use LaTeX? Overleaf‘s new rich text mode renders headings, formatting and equations directly in the editor, to make it seem more familiar to WYSIWYG users.

Create, edit & publish — all from one place
Overleaf provides a comprehensive selection of templates to get you started and you can upload your own templates quickly and easily. When you’ve finished your work, our integrated publishing service lets you submit your work quickly and efficiently.

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