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by | Jan 10, 2014 | regular

Late last year we we rolled out the ability for readers to add links to published articles. Clearly, once an article is published there are any number of places where it might be referenced or discussed. For example, earlier or later versions of the article might exist, the article might be covered by the media, it might be discussed in online forums and so on.

Although ‘alt-metrics’ tries to identify many of these references, it will never capture all of them, and so there will always be a place for the human identification and curation of these links. Therefore, we are pleased to now provide the ability for any registered user to add a link to any article and to be able to classify it and provide a description.

To add a link, simply navigate to any PeerJ or PeerJ PrePrints article and look for the blue “Add a Link” button in the “Links” tab at the very bottom (or get to it via the anchor link in the top left of the article).

See an example of this in practice on the Dino Joe article.


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