Free Publications in PeerJ Until End-March 2014

by | Nov 19, 2013 | regular

 * What: Free publication for your peer-reviewed PeerJ articles!
 * How: Submit the article as both a pre-print, to PeerJ PrePrints, and a formal peer-reviewed article to PeerJ. The preprint must go live before the PeerJ article is Accepted.
 * When: Ends March 31st 2014.
                                    Full Details Below

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In the past year, PeerJ has had two ‘free submission periods’ in which we encouraged authors in specific subject areas to publish with us for free. These limited-time promotions resulted in increased submissions, which showed that despite our already low prices there is a large community for whom price is still a consideration when trying Open Access – this must change.


At just nine months-old, PeerJ is already publishing a significant amount of great science, with hundreds of articles and preprints published since February of this year. Despite this fact, we are fully aware that the majority of authors have not yet experienced us and we genuinely want as many of you as possible to experience the benefits of publishing your work in a modern, streamlined, holistic and integrated publishing platform.

Therefore, as we approach the end of our first calendar year of publication, we want to open up the PeerJ experience to as many researchers as possible. By doing so, we also want researchers like you to experience the benefits that our ‘end-to-end process’ provides (i.e. the close integration of PeerJ PrePrints with PeerJ).

As a result, we are pleased to announce that from now through the end of March 2014, any article that is submitted to PeerJ PrePrints (including any articles which have already been submitted there) can go on to be published in PeerJ (the journal) entirely for free (assuming it passes peer review and assuming you initiate the PeerJ submission process before end of day Mar 31st 2014)*.

As we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Berlin Declaration (one of the seminal moments in the history of Open Access), we want to make sure that researchers realize that Open Access publishing has evolved, and we want as many as possible to experience what it has become!


Note: * For the sake of clarification, your preprint must be posted to PeerJ PrePrints before the associated PeerJ submission is editorially Accepted, or before end of day March 31st 2014 (whichever comes first). We recommend that you (a) submit the PrePrint first, and then once it is published you will have the opportunity to (b) submit the same article to PeerJ for formal peer review, via the “Submit to PeerJ” button which will then be appearing in your manuscript summary screen (using this button means you do not have to re-enter any metadata). Your resulting PeerJ submission must be initiated before March 31st 2014.

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