Live Event – ‘Ask Me Anything Journal Club’ with the Dino Joe authors

  • What: Ask Andy and Sarah about “DinoJoe” or anything else
  • When: 13 November, 8am-10am PST
  • Where:

We are pleased to announce that this Wednesday, 13th November, from 8 am – 10 am PST (4 pm – 6 pm UK time) two of the authors of the recent ‘baby hadrosaur’ (‘Dino Joe’) article will be online and fielding questions on any aspect of their article, or of their work in general. This is your chance to find out how paleontology is performed in the open science era, and to ask Andy Farke and Sarah Werning anything at all. Yes – anything!
For this live event visit Your questions can be left at any time – before, during or after the event – and the authors will be online and interacting on Wednesday. As the ‘questioner’ you are able to ‘accept’ any answer (indicating that it sufficiently answered your question) and any participant can vote answers up or down as they wish.


Fig 6 – Reconstruction of the skull of Parasaurolophus sp..
So mark your calendar, and visit from 8 am PST on Wednesday to interact with Andy Farke, Sarah Werning and Dino Joe.

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