The Reviews Are In – PeerJ is Fast!

PeerJ is rapidly gaining a reputation for fast and fair editorial decisions, and so we would thought this would be a good time to highlight some of the spontaneous reactions we have been seeing from authors who have experienced our process. We have been particularly satisfied to see a large number of authors who have been sufficiently impressed to blog or tweet their experiences. Read reactions from five of them, below.


This post from Torleif Lunde, of the University of Bergen, observed that “after a few hours, an editor had been assigned, and after 19 days, two reviewers had read and commented the paper. The comments were written in a nice language, and the tone of editor, Jianhua Xu, was very pleasant as well. In my opinion, this is the speed journals should have.

While this post, from Matt Wedel of Western University of Health Sciences, reported that the total  “turnaround time for our paper was a mere 72 days, including both submission day (Dec. 3) and publication day (Feb. 12). My fastest turnaround before this was 73 days for my sauropod nerve paper, but that was from submission to posting of the accepted manuscript, not publication of the final version of record. Prior to that I’d had a couple of papers published within six months of submission, but that was definitely the exception rather than the rule.


And finally, Dylan Burge, of the University of British Columbia, said in this post that his experience (of 18 days to first decision) “makes this by far (okay, I looked; by more than two months) the fastest turn around for any review I have ever received (about 15 total in my young career). Major points for PeerJ! What’s more, the reviews were very civilized. Three people had a look at the paper, and two of them wrote very extensive reviews (several pages each), full of constructive critiques, as well as few soft jabs. But there was none of the scathing, sometimes downright mean-spirited swipes that I have come to expect from the modern review process.

Ultimately, Domino Joyce summed up the advantages of our process in this tweet:


One more aspect of our speed which hasn’t been mentioned is the rapidity of our production process. Once an article is Editorially Accepted, and provided the author responds promptly to requests and when returning their Author Proof comments, we are able to publish articles within 10 days of acceptance. This is largely the result of our production partners – River Valley who are doing an excellent job of publishing our articles to the highest standards.

Also, check out these reviews from more authors who have experienced our process. Dr. James Meadow was “blown away” and said “I’m speechless – our manuscript was turned around in a week”. Prof Collingridge said that he “certainly intends to submit more papers to this innovative journal.”

Of course, while we strive to be as rapid as possible, there will always be exceptions (no one can predict when the next reviewer will go AWOHL) but as you can see from the comments above, our process is consistently fast, high quality and respectful.

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